The following books, articles, and online resources provide further information about the objects featured in Treasures on Trial: The Art and Science of Detecting Fakes. There are numerous other sources of information about fakes and forgeries, and more are being published all the time, so no one bibliography can claim to be comprehensive. Many of these publications are available in the Winterthur Library, and some are available in the Winterthur Bookstore and from

The Knoedler Scandal

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Andrew Wyeth

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Nine-Shell Chest

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Baseball Memorabilia

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Myer Myers

To date, there has been nothing published on forged Myer Myers silver. For the most recent scholarly publication on authentic Myers silver, see David Barquist, Myer Myers: Jewish Silversmith in Colonial New York. New Haven: Yale University Art Gallery in association with Yale University Press, 2001.


Mark Landis

Mark Landis’s story has been featured in the documentary film Art and Craft, which is available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other platforms.


Tiffany Lamps

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Chinese Export Porcelain: The Society of Cincinnati

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Willem de Kooning

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John Myatt

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Vampire Killing Kit

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Video about the Vampire Killing Kit can be seen on the Travel Channel website:


De Hory Renoir (also see above)

Forgy, Mark.


Winslow Homer

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